The cost of individual health insurance plans varies.[/caption] Health insurance has moved into the spotlight with the new requirement for everyone to have coverage. This has left many people looking for individual health insurance plans, particularly if plans aren’t offered through their employer or if the costs are too high. As you shop for your individual health insurance in Dallas, it’s important to understand which factors play a role in the cost of your premiums.

Health Risk Factors

When you get a quote for individual health insurance plans, you are asked a series of questions designed to determine whether you are at an increased risk of a number of common health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes and more. Two of the biggest factors your insurance company will consider is whether you are a smoker or use tobacco and what your body mass index (BMI) is. This information can help them determine the level of risk, and they may increase your rates if you are at a greater risk of costing them more money in medical treatments.

Family History

Many medical conditions are rooted deeply in family history, which is why your doctor needs to know the medical status of your immediate and close family members. For instance, if certain types of cancer run in your family, your insurance company may view you as a higher risk, increasing your premiums. However, the Affordable Care Act does restrict an insurance company’s ability to increase rates based on these factors.

Your Profession

Certain jobs put individuals at a higher risk of developing illnesses or becoming injured. If you work in one of these fields, getting health insurance in Dallas may cost you more. While it’s clear why insurance companies would want to cover themselves in case you are injured or become ill because of the type of work you do, you could also be charged higher rates if your job leaves you sitting at a desk all day. A sedentary lifestyle increases health risk factors, costing insurance companies more.

Where You Live

It may seem unusual your location would weigh into the cost of individual health insurance plans, but it does play a role. The insurance company will look at data compiled from other individuals in your area regarding health habits, such as exercise and nutrition. If you are in an area where individuals are less likely to exercise and more likely to indulge in fast food, you could be facing higher premiums.

No Previous Insurance

Until insurance was required for everyone, many people went without because of the costs. This also meant they weren’t likely to be able to afford proper medical care during that time. If an insurance company identifies a lack of insurance, they may charge higher premiums, at least for the first year or two. This is because you are likely to schedule more appointments once you have coverage and you may have a medical condition you were not previously aware of. Getting individual health insurance in Dallas, TX, is important in order to comply with the laws and receive the medical care you need. Learning what factors will determine your premiums can help you understand the cost of these individual health insurance plans. If you’re shopping for better health insurance, contact us. At Steven Graves Insurance Agency in Dallas, TX, our agents will help you get quotes so you can find the most affordable plan.

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