Co-Working Style Popular for Retaining Tenants

“Office landlords are capitalizing on a concept originally conceived by co-working operators like WeWork, according to JLL National Research Director Julia Georgules. ‛The bottom line for employers occupying creative office space is they want to attract talent,’ she says. But for landlords, enhancing common areas is becoming important to sustaining occupancy levels.” According to National

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bad weather can make insurance premiums go up - steven graves insurance agency

Why Do My Insurance Premiums Go Up?

In the past, you did your research and decided on home owner’s insurance and automobile insurance that gave you the best price quote for the insurance coverage you needed. However, as time has gone by, you may have found the cost of your home owner’s insurance premiums or auto insurance on the rise. There are many reasons

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Why Children Need Life Insurance

It can be difficult to think about a time when your child may need a life insurance policy, but there are reasons why children need life insurance. Many adults have difficulty thinking about life insurance for themselves, so it’s no wonder it’s something many parents fail to think about for their children too. Understanding the types

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