Not having adequate commercial insurance in Dallas (or any city) can cost you more than an annual premium. It could potentially cost you your entire enterprise. According to the Institute for Business and Home Security approximately 25 percent of businesses do not survive a major catastrophe. Most small-to-medium-sized companies’ owners believe that carrying an insurance policy is too expensive and therefore shy away from insuring their businesses; placing them at grave risk. Steven Graves Insurance Agency is a great resource to help small-to-medium-sized businesses in the Dallas area navigate the world of insurance and explore the many different packages that are available. As an independent insurance agency, Steven Graves represents a carefully-selected group of reputable insurance companies that diligently works to place small-to-medium sized Dallas businesses’ policies with the company offering the best coverage at the best possible rate. A minor claim to a small business could mean the difference between turning the lights on for another day and filing bankruptcy. It’s not enough to have your business insured, but you also need to have relevant coverage. The world is in a constant state of change and so is your business. Reviewing your policy on a regular basis is just as important as having insurance. Steven Graves utilizes a state-of-the-art computerized rating system that instantly compares rates of competing insurance companies for the same coverage. In doing so, they are able to present their clients with the best possible rate for the desired insurance coverage. There is not a way to prevent natural disasters, such as floods or tornados from happening. Nor can you prevent theft or vandalism, but you can put measures into place that can protect your investment. The Insurance Information Institute recommends that small businesses have four types of insurance: property, liability, business auto, and worker’s compensation. Steven Graves has more than 15 years working with clients to ensure that their assets are protected from unexpected loss. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Steven Graves is a full-service insurance agency serving businesses not only in Dallas, but the entire state of Texas. Being prepared can help mitigate seen and unforeseen risks to one of your most prized investments – your business. Take the necessary time to investigate commercial insurance in Dallas by having us review your current policy ensuring your business is properly protected.