With all the changes in individual health insurance in Dallas, TX, and the rest of the country, same-sex couples are having an easier time getting the insurance coverage they need, just like any other couple. However, there are still some important factors you need to know when seeking health insurance quotes.

Adding Your Partner to Your Policy

If you get insurance through your employer or through the healthcare exchange, you will most likely need to wait until open enrollment to add your partner to your health insurance. Because Texas doesn’t yet recognize LGBT marriage, same-sex couples must qualify for health insurance based on domestic partnership. Some businesses will allow you to add your partner when you enter a new relationship, but other companies and policies through the healthcare exchange require you to wait until open enrollment. For this reason, it’s important to do your research so you don’t miss your opportunity.

Equal Treatment

One of the benefits of the government healthcare marketplace is the requirement for insurance companies to treat same-sex couples the same as they would opposite-sex couples. While enrollment requirements still apply, LGBT couples can’t be turned down for a policy if the company covers opposite-sex couples. This rule applies across the board, regardless of the state in which the couple resides and the state in which the insurance company is based. If you qualify to file a joint return, you may also qualify for an insurance subsidy through the government.

Will It Travel?

Perhaps one of the biggest issues is whether your healthcare benefits travel with you. While you don’t expect to need healthcare benefits when you travel, you never know when you may be injured in an accident or become seriously ill. Unfortunately, many insurance policies don’t transport well. This can leave you with high medical bills you thought would be at least partially covered by your health insurance. The most important thing is to talk to your insurance agent before you purchase a policy if you and your significant other travel often. This will ensure you invest in a policy that will cover you both if medical assistance is needed while traveling out of state. Same-sex health insurance can be a complicated process. While a greater number of insurance companies are becoming more adept with handling these policies, questions still persist. For this reason, it’s important to work with an agent experienced in LGBT insurance. Finding the best individual health insurance in Dallas, TX, doesn’t have to be impossible. The right agent can help you gather health insurance quotes and understand the complexities of purchasing a policy for same-sex couples. If you need health insurance quotes for same-sex couples, contact us. Steven Graves Insurance Agency has the experience to help you find the right policy for you and your significant other.

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