Spending time on the water with family and friends is a great way to enjoy summer and vacation time. However, the risk of being involved in an accident on a lake, the river, or the ocean is much higher than many other types of accidents. To ensure you are properly covered, you must verify whether you have the right personal watercraft insurance or boat insurance to protect you, your loved ones, and your watercraft in the event of an accident.

Basic Insurance

The first thing you need to do is look for basic boat or personal watercraft insurance to cover these pleasure crafts you own. This coverage should provide compensation if your water vehicle is damaged due to an accident, just like any other type of vehicle you own. This insurance should also include coverage for injuries you or anyone else sustains when using the watercraft, as well as uninsured boater coverage and liability coverage. In these ways, personal watercraft and boat insurance is similar to your auto insurance.

Other Options

In addition to the basic coverage, it is important to consider a number of other options unique to boats and personal watercraft. For instance, if your water vehicle is damaged in the water, you need coverage for on-water towing. Some of the other special boat and personal watercraft insurance options you should consider include:

  • Emergency Service
  • Wreck Removal
  • Fuel Spill Protection
  • Roadside Assistance for Towing
  • Replacement Cost for Personal Effects

Having the right level of coverage will ensure you don’t face additional expenses if you are involved in an accident with your water vehicle.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent

Personal watercraft and boat insurance can be a complicated process if you have never owned one of these water vehicles before. This is because additional forms of coverage are required beyond what you would need for other types of vehicles. Because they are used on the water, it can often be costly to clean up the site of the accident due to fuel spilled in the water and the possibility of sinking. The right coverage will help you pay for everything necessary if you are involved in one of these accidents. Owning a boat or personal watercraft allows you to enjoy spending time in the water. However, just like operating any vehicle on land, there are risks involved. Protecting yourself from financial ruin in the event of an accident is just as important with boat and personal watercraft insurance. Whether you haven’t purchased this policy yet or you want to make sure you have the appropriate level of coverage, you must talk to an experienced insurance agent. He will help you determine if your needs are met or whether you need more coverage. If you are looking for personal watercraft or boat insurance, contact us. Our experienced Dallas, TX, insurance agents can help you obtain the right level of insurance coverage.