For some people, renting a home is more affordable than buying, especially when single. In these situations, many people choose to find a roommate to help break up the various costs, which can include insurance for apartment renters. After you see what renter’s insurance costs, you may be looking for ways to get inexpensive renter’s insurance in Dallas, TX, but is it smart to share these expenses with your roommate like you do your other bills?


There are many benefits to sharing renter’s insurance with your roommate. Some of the most common reasons you may want to share this insurance with your roommate include:

  • Keeping your costs reasonable. If you and your roommate were to get two separate policies, chances are the total of the two premiums would be higher than the cost of one policy you can split.
  • Insurance companies allow you to share a policy with up to two people who are unrelated.
  • There’s no extra charge to add a roommate to your policy. While the premiums may change based on the addition of belongings, there is no fee related to adding a person.


Once you understand the potential benefits of sharing the cost of insurance for apartment renters versus getting your own policy, you must consider the negative aspects of splitting the costs as well. While you trust your roommate to share a home, you may not be able to extend that same feeling to sharing a bill such as this. A few aspects to consider include:

  • Your bill won’t be split up based on who owns which belongings. This can make it difficult to fairly split up the premiums between the two roommates. You may go through much unneeded drama before you reach a satisfactory conclusion.
  • If you decide to split the premiums evenly and one roommate owns more expensive items, the other will pay unnecessarily high costs.
  • In some cases, a roommate may invite a significant other or another individual to move in. Splitting renter’s insurance between three people becomes more complex and may not even be possible.
  • Theft by a roommate is not included on the policy.
  • When you file a claim, the check will be made out to both roommates because insurance companies pay everyone on the policy.

Sharing a policy with your roommate may seem like the best way to get inexpensive renter’s insurance in Dallas, TX, but it might not be the ideal solution. Before you make this major decision, it’s important to consider all of the pros and cons of the situation. If you feel confident in the quality of your relationship with your roommate, sharing may work well, but if anything goes wrong, you could encounter serious problems. In most cases, it’s best to handle renter’s insurance on your own to protect yourself fully. What does renter’s insurance cost? Contact us. Our Dallas, TX, insurance representatives can help you choose the right policy and decide whether sharing is a good option.

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