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Are you one of the 70 percent of renters who don’t have an apartment renter’s insurance policy? Unfortunately, many people who rent either aren’t aware renter’s insurance exists or don’t know they need it. In both cases, you should be asking yourself, “How do I get renter’s insurance?” so you can have the coverage you need if disaster strikes. Your first step is to gather renter’s insurance quotes, but before you sign, here’s what you should know.

Renter’s Insurance Covers Your Personal Belongings
Property owners are required to have proper insurance coverage to cover the structure of the building in the event of a disaster, especially if they will be renting that property out to someone else. However, this policy won’t cover the items you keep inside the house. This is why it’s important to make sure you have apartment renter’s insurance. Before purchasing a policy, you should know exactly how much coverage you need to replace everything you have in your household.

What Is Typically Covered?
For the most part, a renter’s insurance policy is a personal property policy designed to provide funding to fully replace your household items if there is a fire, tornado or other disaster. However, it can also provide liability coverage in the event someone is injured while visiting your home. Talk to your renter’s insurance agency to find out which types of accidents would be covered by your policy versus your landlord’s policy. Some renter’s insurance policies may also cover living expenses if you find yourself out of a home due to a loss. Your insurance agent should talk to you about everything your policy covers so you fully understand before you sign up.

What If I Don’t Own Much?
One of the excuses many renters have for not getting renter’s insurance is they don’t have any valuable belongings. However, if you think about the few things you do have, such as a computer, television, Blu-ray players, clothing and furniture, the cost of replacing all of these items quickly adds up. Apartment renter’s insurance is relatively inexpensive in comparison to these costs. Most renter’s insurance policies cost between $15 and $30 per month, depending on the value of your belongings. Therefore, there’s no reason not to purchase a policy to protect yourself. Once you realize the value of having renter’s insurance, it’s important to get renter’s insurance quotes from a number of providers to help you find the best rate. When you talk to an agent, you will get the coverage you need so you can easily replace anything if there is a fire or another disaster. If you’re looking for the best rates on renter’s insurance, contact us. Steven Graves Insurance Agency can help you evaluate the cost of insurance from multiple providers to help you find the lowest premiums.

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