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Owning a small business comes with many risks. Not only do you need to worry about the financial stability of your company, but you also need to find ways to reduce your risk of loss due to theft, fire, and vandalism. While you have insurance coverage for your small business, it’s up to you to do what you can to reduce the risk of these events so you can further protect your investment and keep your premiums down.

Protect Your Assets
Business documents, including employee records, financial statements, and tax documents, must be properly stored to reduce the risk of theft and to protect them in the event of a fire. Keeping a digital copy can be one way to protect the information, especially if you use a secure server, but it’s also important to safely store your files away through another method. A safe can be a great option, as long as it’s water and fire-proof.

Use Alarms
Your small business insurance will often provide a discount based on whether you have alarms installed in your business. These alarms will activate in the event of a break-in or when vandalism occurs, alerting you and the authorities of a problem. Because of the immediate alert, the damages are often minimized, helping your business save money and keeping your claims down. In addition to a burglar alarm, a fire alarm can help minimize fire damage.

Install Computer Protection
Many businesses today rely heavily on computers, which is why it’s important to make sure your business computers are protected with virus protection. Always keep this anti-virus software updated. Your email server should also offer spam guards and other protections to keep the emails you receive and send safe.

Consider Security Cameras
Security cameras can be a great deterrent to theft and other criminal activity. Not only do these cameras cost less, but they also provide valuable proof if theft or vandalism occurs. It isn’t difficult to hook up the security cameras to a DVR or other recording device to capture what happens when you aren’t there. Depending on the system you purchase, you may even be able to tap into the feed from your home computer or mobile device. Insurance coverage for a small business covered by security cameras may also lower your rates. Getting small business insurance quotes will help you find the best rate on the insurance you need to protect your business. However, even though you have insurance, it’s important to make sure you take the necessary steps to protect your business from fire, theft and vandalism. When you follow these steps, you can help keep your insurance rates lower and reduce the stress that occurs as a result of these events. If you’re interested in small business insurance quotes, contact us. At Steven Graves Insurance Agency in Dallas, TX, we can help you find the perfect policy for the best rate.

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