Every year, millions of Americans take to the roads and the skies to travel for business and pleasure.  However, have you ever thought about whether you still have healthcare benefits when you travel? No one expects to be injured or to become ill while on a trip, but it can happen. For this reason, it’s important to make sure your individual health insurance in Dallas, TX, will cover out-of-state or international travel. If not, you may need to consider purchasing a separate policy.

Emergency Care

Most people who need medical care while on a trip require it on an emergency basis. In most cases, if your healthcare benefits include emergency coverage in your home state, it will also provide some level of coverage if you have to seek emergency medical care in another state. This typically only applies to larger, national insurance company plans. If you want to be certain your policy covers your travels, talk to your insurance agent or review your policy closely.

Short-Term Coverage

If your individual health insurance in Dallas, TX, doesn’t cover interstate travel for any reason, you can look into short-term coverage policies to ensure your family is fully protected. This type of coverage is only valid for a set period of time and won’t cover any pre-existing conditions because it is designed to pay for emergency situations. However, it is also subject to the typical medical underwriting process, though the restrictions are often less severe than for longer-term healthcare. Make sure you gather several health insurance quotes before settling on a policy for your trip.

International Travel

If you’re worried about healthcare benefits when you travel internationally, it’s important to address your concerns with your insurance agent. In some cases, travel insurance can provide the emergency medical coverage you may require while you are out of the country. However, not all travel insurance policies include healthcare. Fortunately, international travel insurance policies don’t have a waiting period and aren’t subject to the same underwriting policies, which means they also work with pre-existing conditions. When you purchase your policy, make sure you are aware of what it covers, such as prescription medications, hospitalization and urgent care. When you’re traveling, you may encounter a medical emergency that requires immediate attention. Understanding whether your healthcare benefits will travel with you is essential to ensure you have the proper coverage if an accident or illness strikes when you’re away. If you’re traveling in the United States, chances are your insurance coverage will still be valid, but international travel often requires an additional policy to ensure you can get the necessary medical care without worrying about large bills when you return home. If you need help determining if your individual health insurance in Dallas, TX, will travel with you, contact us. Steven Graves Insurance Agency can help you choose the right policy to accommodate your travels.

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