If you’re wondering if an RV is covered under a general auto policy, you are either already enjoying the gratifications of recreational vehicle vacationing or planning a future investment that will provide many pleasurable outings and memories for both family and friends. The benefits of RV life appeal to many people. There’s a certain freedom on the road that allows the recreational vehicle owner control over where, when, and how long he stops at any particular destination. There are also other advantages to RV traveling that make it a cost-efficient alternative to traditional vacationing or camping. From lodging to meal preparation, your recreational vehicle houses nearly all the basic amenities and comforts of home. Because of this, you’ll need to fully protect your investment and the safety of the general public with RV insurance before you get those big wheels turning.

The Difference between Auto Policy and RV Coverage

Whether you have just purchased your RV or are busy shining up her rims to get her back on the road, you’ll need to purchase an RV insurance policy in addition to any of your existing auto policy plans. Although your RV is a “vehicle,” it’s also classified as a home on wheels. While your recreational vehicle insurance should cover all the basics, such as accident and injury, to provide an even greater piece of mind, you may consider purchasing additional RV coverage options, such as vacation liability, replacement costs, emergency, and medical bill reimbursement. Some travelers also take their coverage one step further and purchase windshield replacement insurance should they experience any sort of damage from rocks, debris, or inclement weather.

Should I Keep My Coverage Year-Round?

Even if your RV remains parked nine months out of the year, year-round insurance coverage is recommended, if not a requirement when your RV is still under loan. If you own your RV and store it in a secure location, you may be tempted to forgo coverage when the vehicle is not in use. Remember many unexpected things can happen to your RV that would make replacement a large financial burden, such as:

  • damage
  • break-in
  • theft
  • vandalism

You should always be prepared for the unexpected and protect yourself at all times. RV traveling can be an exciting way to explore the country and travel without restraint. With the ever-increasing cost of airfares and hotel accommodations, buying an RV might satisfy your dream of a road trip, without breaking the bank. RV travel is a wonderful way to share some of the world’s most breathtaking sights with your loved ones, all without sacrificing the comforts of home. Why not explore the road less traveled, visit national monuments, and inhale the beauty of the great outdoors? Protect your recreational vehicle, your home, automobiles, and your family with customized plans offered by Steven Graves Insurance Agency in Dallas, TX. Contact our friendly insurance sales agents and get a free quote to cover all of your insurance needs.